Welcome to ISP — Art of Joyful Parenting!!

Do you know that …

  • your 1 day young child can crawl?
  • your 1 day young child can read words?
  • your 1 year young child can recognize words and math cards?
  • your 2 and half year young child can read books?
  • your 9 months young child can swing on a horizontal ladder on his own?

Join us to explore more and learn how all this can be done.
This is a summary of the online ISP information that will answer most of your questions, if you still have questions after reading this email please feel free to call us/ mail us.
We are happy to inform you all that dates for the new batch will be updated as soon as we get them. We will be sending you the invitations as we come closer to the session date.

Siddha Samadhi Yoga

Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) is the rediscovery of the ancient vedic science of effortless joyful living….

Annamaya Kosha(Natural Food)

  • This is about purification process of the physical body.
  • Food must be eaten in its natural or living state
  • when one eats raw vegetables and fruits in their natural form.
  • When food is cooked under high temperature and pressure, it looses it’s nutritional value and becomes the cause of many illnesses
  • The food groups that can provide us with the highest possible biological value falls into four categories – fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in sprouted forms


“To enjoy the world, become a child, become enormously educated, continuously Learning,Sharing & Increasing love, becoming very very wealthy.” – Guruji



Manomaya Kosha (Meditation)

Meditation (Samadhi Yoga) is a scientific, systematic technique to improve body, mind, and intellect to realize the unity in diversity.Samadhi yoga is a purely Vedic technique.

  • It is a very effective prescription to all chronic diseases like asthma, hypertension,low blood pressure etc..

  • It enhances creativity and intelligence and throws out all impurities from the mind and body