Advanced Meditation Course

downloadAdvanced Meditation Course (AMC) AMC’s are two-day events,i.e designed to take one into his own state of silence within, such that participants blossom into a state of joyousness, love and effortlessly seeing Godliness in others.

AMC’s involve group silence or inclusive silence vis-à-vis the traditionally practised individual silence or exclusive silence. Any activity when done in a group has an exponentially higher effect compared to doing the same by yourself. It involves retrieval from a state of constant stimuli acting upon us. Food is one such stimulus which is partly retrieved for a while. Talking is another such stimulus which is cut off as well. Third such stimulus is goal-orientation. Pujya Guruji defines the practice of silence as taking time not to be involved in producing any results. A person becomes fully charged for a few weeks following the course (by the end of which he should go ahead and do his next AMC).

“To enjoy the world, become a child, become enormously educated, continuously Learning,Sharing & Increasing love, becoming very very wealthy.” – Guruji


Advance Meditation Course