Breathing Right



Eat Right


a unique yoga program based on four pillars, fundamental to everyone’s own life

Science of Silence Yoga is a practice wherein the normal discriminatory function of the intellect ceases. The result is a profound reduction in mental activity within minutes of the practice.One gets a deep level of rest through Samadhi Meditation which is the common prescription for all psychosomatic diseases.

To create an enlightened world, where individuals live joyfully together in ‘surrenderfulness’.Siddha Samadhi Yoga is the panacea to most of the ailments affecting today’s world.

Enjoy perfect health through pranic food and pranayama.Have a calm, peaceful, stable mind through Samadhi Meditation.Provide opportunities for the creation of more entrepreneurs.

Benefits in Joining SSY Program

  • Stop suffering from Obesity, weight loss, Low on immunity levels

  • Sleepless nights, Insomnia, Snoring

  • Diabetes, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Discovering oneself

  • Relationship issues, Eating habits/ diet, Blood pressure



I was battling with over weight for a very long period of time. I did SSY in 2014 and since then with continuous practice and raw food diet I lost around 14 kgs and it was an enormous benefit that any health program could do for me.
The daily meditation also helped to deal with the day to day work-life stress. The instructors are very dedicated and their sincere consistent efforts have always motivated us to be in practice.
It was a wonderful experience for me and the 10 day journey. After the course I felt more energetic. I gained an inner sense of balance.”
Viswanathan Arumugam

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